Friday, July 26, 2013

A Canadian Tray...It's Not Just For The Table

I revealed our Picture Gallery Wall in our family room yesterday in this post.  Today I wanted to show you how I transformed the tray to be a one of a kind piece that will always have significance to our family.

This was the tray when I purchased it from Home Sense.  I loved it the moment I saw it but wasn't thrilled about the number 5 on it.  I was able to unscrew the wood tray, flip it over and paint whatever I wanted.

Price was just right....

I took all of the screws out and flipped it over....

Blank canvas to work with.....

I wanted to paint something on the wood that represented us as a family.  I could have painted the number "3" on it, but I wanted something unique that represented us where we are now.  We are loving our time here in Calgary (who wouldn't with the view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains) and so I thought of the Canadian flag and the Maple Leaf....

I downloaded the leaf onto my Silhouette Cameo, cut it out and traced it onto the wood with a pencil....

Then I picked out a color of acyrlic paint and painted the leaf....

I then hung it on the wall after it dried....

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picture Gallery Wall in Family Room

I'm so excited to to finally share what has been in the works for a while now.  Have you ever envisioned how you want something to look before ever buying one single item. That was me about six months ago when I realized the blank wall surrounding our entertainment center needed some help. I knew I didn't want just pictures hung up there, so I started thinking about different elements and textures I could work with. Below is how everything came together and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  It now has such a warm welcome feeling and that was exactly what I was going for.

I think the most important thing to do when hanging a picture gallery wall is to start on the floor.  I did the exact same thing as I did on my picture gallery wall upstairs and laid everything out on the floor before I hung anything on the wall.  To see that post, you can look here.

{Entertainment Center from Pottery Barn}
On one side I hung the Shadowbox of Keys I made and posted about here and also hung the cardboard "A" that I wrapped in jute.  You can read about that post here.  I love my lamp and decided to frame the gallery wall around it and the TV.

{Burlap Frames and Lanterns are from Pottery Barn}
{Wicker basket is from Target}
{Small baskets in bookshelf from IKEA}

{Lamp is from Anderson's Furniture in Southlake, TX}
The painting in the middle of the gallery wall is a one of a kind painting by Edward Michell here in Calgary.  You can see his work here.  

The wire tray is one of my favorite elements on the wall.  I found this tray at Home Sense, but made it unique by painting a Canadian maple leaf on it.  A post will be coming shortly on how I transformed this tray.

The "love" metal letters came from Target years ago around Valentine's Day.  I hung them on the wall with 3M Command Velcro strips and a level (just to make sure it was even).

For the frame below, I decided to use a big flat head nail and then hung the rope on the nail and took a metal rose that already had a magnet on it and stuck it to the nail.

{Frame is from Pottery Barn} 

{Lantern is from Pottery Barn}

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!!

Click Here to see our Picture Gallery Wall Upstairs

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