Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hand Washing Clothes 101

Don't you just hate it when you buy a really cute shirt to later find out that it is Hand Wash Only!

I don't ever pay attention to that because I get so excited when I find a really cute top.

I thought I'd share with you this really easy tip to hand wash your clothes....most of you might already know about this, but for the ones that don't....now ya do!!!

All you need is 2 thick towels.

Here we go!

First, wash your garment in the sink.

Rinse garment after washing and squeeze out excess water.

Lay 1 towel down on floor.

 Lay your garment on the towel.

Put the other towel on top of your garment. 
(like making a sandwich)

See what it looks like.

Now start rolling it up.  This will absorb the water.

Looks like a burrito.

I then knead it back and forth with my knees.

I then unroll it after I have kneaded it back and forth several times.

Almost all of the water is absorbed and it's ready to hang.

I'm off to Hot Springs, AR tomorrow and I'm going to be stopping at alot of thrift stores!  Hopefully I will have alot to share with you!

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