Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Halloween...My First Mesh Wreath

Good Evening....I'm sure everyone has seen enough Halloween decorations but I wanted to quickly share what I made over a month ago but am just now getting around to snapping a few pics and posting them.  I did not go all out for Halloween decorations this year.  What you are seeing here is one of two of the only decorations I actually put up this year.  I just wasn't in the decorating mood for the Halloween holiday this year...

When I did decide to put something on my front door, I really wanted to try and make a mesh wreath.  I've seen them all over and some of them can be quite expensive, but I took advantage of a big sale Michaels had a while back and then dug into my supply of Halloween decorations from years past to use in conjunction with the mesh I purchased at Michaels.

I don't have pictures of the step by step directions of this wreath, but at the end of this post there is a link to the video I followed.

Here is the order of how the wreath came together..

Step 1:  Tie all of the mesh first.
Step 2:  Add any decorative ribbon you are using.
Step 3:  Secure any big item in the middle.  Mine is the witches hat.
Step 4:  Add all of the extra "trash".

If you are interested in making a mesh wreath for the first time, here is the video I found on YouTube that had great instructions.

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