Sunday, September 1, 2013

Desk in a Box....Back to School Time

I still can't believe that summer is over and we will be starting school on Tuesday.  Just a little over two months ago on June 20th our city and school were hit by the most catastrophic flood in Alberta's history.  Our school was flooded from the basement to the first level and all of the classrooms in the basement lost EVERYTHING....our Montessori classrooms, music room, library...all GONE.  As a result, the last two months at our school have been busy rebuilding for the start of the school year.  It won't be a hundred percent, but we are all excited to get the year going and to start learning.  Our parent volunteer committee put together a cute idea for those teachers that lost everything in their would be called a....

"Desk in a Box"

I was so happy to help out, but instead of a shoebox, I put my supplies in a box that could be personalized and re-used (and mainly because everything I bought would not fit in a shoebox).

I purchased this box from Michaels for about $10.00.....

Following are the contents of each box......

Rulers, Wet Ones, Erasers, Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Glue, Post It Notes, Write Out, Tape, Scissors, Erasers, Pencils, Pens, Highlighters, Dry Erase Markers

Febreeze, Nail Kit, Kleenex, Starbucks Instant Drink, Water Bottle, Sewing Kit, Tide Stain Out Wipes, Band Aids, Travel Toothbrush, Vitamin C Drops, Mints, Safety Pins, Toothpaste, Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Lanyard

I used my Silhouette Cameo to personalize some of the items.  I used the top of the lid to identify which teacher was getting the box and the water bottle and notebook were personalized with their initial.  

After everything was monogrammed I put it all into the box.....

Added another vinyl quote to the front....

Put a bow on it and delivered it to the school.....

I made two boxes because of the two fabulous teachers he had last year.....

Have a great week!!!

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic gift! I be they really appreciated all that you put int the boxes to help them start over.

  2. What a fabulous gift that I know they will l.o.v.e. -- so sorry to hear about the flooding. ((hugs))

  3. impressive and beats the heck out of an apple any day!!!!

  4. Great idea! I love it! Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday


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