Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My First Craft Room - Circa 2007

Since I'm confined to the house for being sick, I started looking through old pictures on my computer and came across my very first craft room that I then called my "Scrapbooking Room" from 2007.  Hard to believe that it has been 6 years since these pictures were taken.  I thought it would be fun to share with you these "NOT SO GREAT QUALITY PICTURES".....Enjoy..

Let me take you back in time to 2007!  We had recently relocated from Baton Rouge, LA back to Houston, TX when the idea hit me to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a "scrapbooking room".  Our son was young and I was really getting into paper crafting and documenting our lives as a family. 


I chose a yellow, black and white theme....

 I saw a craft table in an edition of Creating Keepsakes and immediately called my Dad to see if he could recreate it. (Stupid Question)  When he arrived in Houston, he and Chance (our son) constructed it.  hehe

I LOVED this desk because it had so much storage available because of the upper shelf unit.  Dad installed a light under the shelf that came in so handy.

Dad then constructed the craft island that I still use to this day.  I couldn't craft without it because it is what I use as my work surface.  We got the idea from Pottery Barn and tweaked the plans a little.  We installed 20 shelves that fit 12" x 12" paper.

Dad then built this....a huge bookcase....

The room had a tiny walk-in closet that I made into "Chance's Office".  I'm still trying to find pictures of it because I painted it with chalk board paint and it was so cute.  

We moved from Houston to Dallas in 2010 and the buyers of this house requested that the built in table stay in the room for their two daughters to have a place to craft and do homework.  I was so glad that it was going to remain in the house and be used for it's purpose.

To View my pictures of my craft room in Dallas, click HERE and HERE

My Dallas Craft Room

Now that we are in Calgary, I am currently working on my craft room here (last priority).  I hope to have something to show in a month or so.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a trip down memory lane.....

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  1. "Chance's Office"... So cute! :)

    I love love LOVE your L shaped desk with the shelf and beadboard! Totally pinning for my next home!!!


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