Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Personalized Kleenex Box.......

I've been a little MIA lately due to all kinds of sickness in our little family and not to mention my latest and current episode of SHINGLES.  If you have never had it, count yourself lucky because IT IS NOT FUN.  This is actually the second time I've had it.  I had it as a young child and who would have thought you could get it again...not me.  

With that said, I thought it was a good time to go into the most used bathroom in our home and remove this.....

With all of us being sick we were just washing our hands so much and probably just spreading our germs back and forth to each other.

I decided to replace it with this....

I thought it would be a smart idea to use the disposable Kleenex Hand Towels..... 

but I didn't like the way the plain box looked in my bathroom.....

so I decided to add a small touch of decor to the box.  Let me show you how I did it.....

I started by measuring the width of the box with my handy measuring tape on my table (no searching for a ruler) to know exactly how big to cut my vinyl design.....

After I knew how big to cut my vinyl, I was able to find a scrap piece and cut it out on my Silhouette Cameo.....

I then added my monogram "A" in a pretty sky blue color.....

I like it so much better than the boring white box.  Don't You????

The cost for this project was $2.50...and that was for the Kleenex Towels because I was able to use my scrap vinyl.  I know you are probably thinking I'm crazy, but if you felt the way I did it's the little things that make you feel better.

Since I bought several boxes, I was thinking (while lying on the couch) of what else I could do with it and thought I'd share my ideas.....

Place these boxes in the bathroom area or kitchen area where guests will be washing their hands (instead of everyone using a community towel)...

Birthday Party - Personalize with the name of the birthday boy or girl and place in the bathroom or kitchen area or simply just add the age of the person.

Graduation Party - If you have a special someone that will be celebrating graduation in a couple of months, why not add a cap/gown/diploma with their name.

Easter - A bunny rabbit or carrots cut out of vinyl would be adorable.

Get Well Soon - If you have a friend or loved one, decorate it and give it in a gift basket along with other goodies for a get well soon surprise.

Teacher Gift - Wouldn't the teachers love these in their classroom with their names or classroom name on them.

Washi Tape the box with some cool designs

Let your kids decorate one with scrapbook stickers

The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and stay well.

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  1. Very pretty! I hope your family is on the mend.
    Happy 'Show Me What Ya Got' party!

  2. That is genius! I love the idea of using washi tape too. Very clever!

  3. Looks so much better! :)


  4. I love how something simple can really add a personal touch to a product! It sort of finished the box. Great idea! I'm having a link party on my blog and I'd love for you to join!

  5. Did you know that the angled top allows you to place this box on your towel rod upside down? Thought I would pass along the tip if you weren't aware.


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