Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Great Day at Pottery Barn........

A long time ago Pottery Barn came out with a 3 tiered wire basket that I saw in their catalog and I remember totally falling in love with it because they featured it in their craft room area.  I never looked into buying it but I remember how much I really really liked it.

Source:  Pottery Barn Catalog
A couple of weeks ago I was in my local Pottery Barn and I came across this in the clearance section (see picture below).  I instantly thought to myself, "No way that could be those baskets".....I asked the sales lady if this price was correct and she said "Yes".."It is supposed to be a 3 tiered basket, but we have no idea how it came apart and we can't find the rod that went with it."  In my head the whole time she was talking was SOLD, SOLD, SOLD.....

I came home and knew exactly what I was going to do with these adorable little baskets.  I was going to make it into a 3 tiered basket with a wooden dowel...

I went to the hardware store and bought a wooden dowel for $3.00.  I measured the height I wanted and cut it with a saw.

I then painted each stick with some grey paint I had left over from my front door remodel and it matched perfectly.  The bottom basket was attached to the bottom of the longest wooden dowel by simply using a screw.  The second basket was attached by using a double ended screw because the second dowel was also going to have to be attached to it.

I then placed the smaller basket on top and used a screw to hold it into place....

I was done...easy fix and I only invested $5.00...wooden dowel and screws.

It is now resting comfortably in my craft room.  Let me show you what I'm using it for....

I attached a cute metal flower that has a magnet on it to bring some color into it....

The top basket is great for all of the washi tape I have accumulated.....

The middle basket holds alot of decorative accessories I have......

The bottom basket is being used for alot of mini scrapbook albums I have made.....

I am so happy with the way it turned out and it is a great addition to my craft room....

So next time you are in a store, always check out the clearance never know what you might find.....

Have a great day!!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Plastic Container.........7 Different Uses

Today I wanted to share with you something I am very happy about....a $3.00 plastic container.  It's actually a basket insert for the ANTONIUS system from IKEA.  I bought just one container at the time of my shopping adventure but quickly realized when I got home, how amazing this item was and all of the different uses for it.  I went back the next week and bought six more.  Let me show you all of the ways I used this insert for organizing items in our house.

I started with this empty container...again, you can find it at your local IKEA with the ANTONIUS systems.

LEGO Organization

Lego's drive me crazy and our son is all over them.  With this basket, I can easily clean up a table where he was playing.  Also, it makes it easier for him to find a particular item that he is searching for if they are organized.

Make-up Organizer

This basket fits perfectly in the deep drawer in my bathroom vanity.  I don't have much make-up so dividing all of it up was easy.  I have all of my make-up remover and cotton balls all in one place.

Men's Grooming Organizer

All of my husbands grooming needs are at his reach for his morning routine.

Hair and Nail Organizer

Everything that has to do with my hair and nails are now easy to find.

Stationary Organizer

Yes, I am one of those people that still writes thank you notes and they can now all be in one place.  I have additional cards and blank note cards in here as well.  Stamps, scissors, pens and decorative washi tape (for the back of the envelope) fit nicely in here too.

School Lunch Pantry Organizer

I'm always looking for easier ways to speed up the morning routine when it comes to getting my son ready for school.  Lunch packing can be relative easy if you are prepared.  With this basket in the pantry, I can easily prepare it on Sunday night with all of his lunch needs and just grab and pack during the week.

School Lunch Refrigerator Organizer

I did the same thing in the refrigerator with his lunch as I did for the pantry.  Super easy and efficient.

Are you sold yet?  I can tell you that there are so many more ways I can use this plastic container and I will definitely be buying more on my next trip to IKEA.

Have a great week!

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