Friday, November 16, 2012

Organizing with Pegboard

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I would like to introduce you to my secret weapon for organizing a space - - pegboard.  Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it can also be used in many different areas.  Pegboard has long been stereotyped as an organizing tool in Dad's garage used to hold hammers, screwdrivers and rakes.  I am here to de-bunk that myth and share with you the many clever and functional uses I have found for this simple and cheap material.  

5 Easy Steps for Pegboard Organizing

1.  Begin with a piece of pegboard purchased from your local hardware store.  Most hardware stores will cut the pegboard to the length you need.  It is very important to know the size of the pegboard before going to the store.

2.  Paint the pegboard with a semigloss paint of the color your choice.

3.  I used 1" x 2" wood strips to frame out the pegboard on the back and secured it with wood glue and small screws.  You have to allow some depth for the pegboard and wall so the peg hooks can fit.  

4.  Secure the framed pegboard to the wall with wood screws into the studs.

5.  Add the pegboard hooks and hardware to the front of your pegboard.  I like to "map out" where I plan to hang items in advance to ensure optimum use of space.  For instance, in my most recent pegboard project, I created zones for my craft supplies.  The great thing about pegboard is that it is easy to make a change without having to start over.  If you don't like an arrangement, simply reposition your hooks / bins and start over.  

Here are some other ways I have used pegboards as organizational tools in my house.

His and Her Closet Organizers covered in fabric.  The fabric allowed me to "hide" the use of pegboard and give some style to the piece.

I painted and framed a pegboard for the mudroom to organize my sons school materials.  Having been in school now for about 6 weeks, I can tell you that this has been a lifesaver.  The other two pegboard projects were for my craft room and closet (jewelry organizer).

I have also made use of small pieces of pegboard to serve different purposes.  The black unit is a gaming tower my father and I built.  We use this piece in my son's game room to organize his video game controllers.  The white unit is in my craft room and holds some of my painting supplies.

I hope that you now see pegboard in a different light and find a use that works for you and your space.


  1. Great post Missy -- I too use lots of peg board. It is so easy to use and makes organizing so easy. =)


  2. These are amazing! Dropping by from Kelly's Korner.

  3. Wondering where you found the little white bins that you have your paint and papers in? Thanks!

    1. I was wondering too--I see that they have these at IKEA. Don't know if you have one in your area--the product is inexpensive but shipping can be high depending on location & weight of the items. Hope that helps!

  4. There was pegboard in our kitchen pantry when we moved into this pace. The previous owners had the central vac equipment stored on the pegboard. I didn't like that something that picks up dirt would be in an enclosed space with food! The vacuum accessories went their own container and I found a better use for the pegboard. I hung up a bunch of metal racks on the pegs. Easier to access and I don't have to worry about them being mangled or tangled.

  5. I was wondering how you attached the shelf at the top to the pegboard so that it was strong enough to hold the storage boxes? I'm wanting to do something similar in my office/craft room that I'm in the process of organizing.


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