Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Candy Topiary

Here is a recent article I did for Southlakemoms.com.  Hope you enjoy!

Who doesn't LOVE candy?  I wanted to give my son's teacher a cute and fun gift at the end of Teacher appreciation week a few months ago and I decided that this would be a fun way to give candy and have my son participate.  This is a really simple project that can be customized any way you want.  Let me show you what you need to get started.

Supplies Needed

Small Terra Cotta Pot
Styrofoam Cone
Styrofoam Ball - 5" fits perfect into the Terra cotta pot
Washi or Craft tape
Candy - Fun Size or Snack Size
Hot Glue Gun

Let's Get Started.....

The first thing I did was paint my Terra cotta paint with a small bottle of chalkboard paint.  I chose blue because that was Ms. Kristen's favorite color.  After the paint dries, I hot glued the Styrofoam ball into the bottom of the pot.

Before I wrapped the stick in washi tape, I measured to see how short the stick needed to be.  I decided it needed to be about 18" long.  I cut the stick and then inserted it in the the cone.  I decided to wrap the exposed stick in washi tape or craft tape.  After I finished wrapping the stick I then inserted it into the Styrofoam ball that had been hot glued into the pot.

Now comes the fun part.  Start by applying a small dot of hot glue (set on the lowest setting) to the top of the wrapper and press it onto the cone.  I left about an inch hanging off and repeat this step until the entire bottom row is covered with candy.  After the first row is full, start repeating the steps for the second row making sure there is a slight overlay from the other row and continue all the up until you have reached the top.

After all of the candy was glued, I covered the bottom of the tree with individually wrapped hard candies.  I also decided to make a cute sign out of some left over scrapbook paper and secured it with a toothpick into the top of the topiary.  

This topiary was so much fun to make and my son's teacher just loved it.  It was great to see the look on her face when we brought it in.  It was such a fun way to give candy as a gift.  I know that this would be a great gift for any occasion. 

Here are some other creative uses for giving this topiary....

Kid's Birthday party
Get Well gift
Welcoming a new neighbor
Baby shower gift or centerpiece
Teacher gift

If you are giving this as a gift too, you can also wrap it in a cellophane bag and top it off with a pretty ribbon.

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