Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gaming Tower Swivel Organizer.....

I promise I have not abandoned my blog or my creativity....life is super crazy right now and I will share with you soon what my family is up to and where we are headed!  But for now, I am super excited to finally post this project.  Here is what my Dad and I created on their recent trip to see me....now let me share with you the background story of this little unit that swivels and where my inspiration came from....

For years, I have eyed this unit at Pottery Barn Teen....but was not willing to shell out $599.00 for it.  

My Dad and I were talking one day and I told him about this unit and how much I loved it and thought it would be a great organizer for my son's games.  He took a look at it and decided that it would be expensive to make because of the lazy susan kit.  The kit is expensive because of the size we would have to purchase to stabilize the piece.

Fast forward 2 months.....My Dad called and told me that I would never believe what he just found...He was at their local Dollar Store in their small town and he saw by the dumpsters that they were throwing away 2 sun glass/eyeglass display cases that they were no longer needing.  He went in and asked the manager if he could have them and the manager said of course, take them.  My Dad went home and disassembled them to find the EXACT size we were going to need to make the unit.  So, not only did we have 1 lazy susan set, we had 2 (yes, he made me 2 units).....and here is where the construction begins.....

Before coming to Dallas, my Dad constructed what he could at his house so all he had to do when he got here was assemble them.  As you can see from the pictures below, he made a base that the lazy susan rests in....(savings of $250.00 a piece for this lazy susan kit)

Here is the construction of the unit....we customized it with peg board (you know how much I love peg board) and cork board.....

I decided to paint this unit black.  We primed it first and then it took 2 coats of black paint.  After the paint dried, it was time to add the cork sheet.  Take a look below at how we did it.....

It was time to bring it inside and place all the goodies in the unit...

Front view

I purchased the wire baskets from The Container Store.  The top basket is actually a waste paper basket, but it was perfect for all of the odds and ends like card games, travel games and hand held games.

The Skylanders and our favorite Wii games are now within reach....

Board games fit perfect.....

Side View

Oh how I love me some peg board...This was the perfect solution for the controllers.  The two baskets are holding the Wii nunchucks and the Game cube controllers.  These are in perfect reach for our son and they are not thrown in baskets.

Our son loves to draw his characters and collect the magazines for the games.  I purchased these two sets of these acrylic holders at The Container Store.  His drawings and magazines can now be displayed and enjoyed.

Back View

Here is the back view with the cork board....This is a great solution for displaying our son's school work!

Side View

We couldn't leave the Wii steering wheels out...they rest comfortably on the opposite side...

Here is a view of all four sides together....
(sorry the picture is small, but it was cutting off when I tried to make it bigger)

I am so thrilled with this unit!  We have had it in our office for a couple of weeks now and it has really helped with the organizing of all of the gaming components.  They now have a permanent home and our son now knows where to find them and where to put them back....

BTW...my Dad made this with all of his spare wood in his shop....so the cost of the project was less than $50.00 (paint, etc.)  Not bad versus the $599 from PB Teen!

Click below for a video to see how it swivels....

Thanks Daddy!!

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  1. Hi, Missy

    Hands down this is awesome. You guys rocked it and what a great find for free. LOL Love it.


  2. OH. MY. GOSH.

    So envious you have no idea!! You and your dad are so talented!

    At the very least I can take away from this how to use pegboard for awesome controller organization, which is something that had baffled me for many moon!

  3. What a terrific find on your Dad's part! And kudos to both of you for the planning and execution of the final pieces. Elegance and storage all in one bundle!
    - Liz

  4. I am super jealous, I have wanted that forever and will NOT pay that price either...You are so lucky to have a Dad that can do that with:)
    I like it even better then the PB one:)

  5. This is so great! I have been stalking that same swivel cabinet at PB Teen. I LOVE your version so much more! Great job!!

  6. Lucky girl! That is so awesome. Your dad did a great job! :)

  7. WOW just WOW that is so awesome! i have also coveted that PBteen cabinet for years now but now I covet yours even more LOL

  8. That is awesome! I can only sit here and think of how much wonderfully our living room would function with all that storage! And to boot his vertical storage, perfect!

  9. Wow! What a great find - those lazy susans! This is a great solution for family games, etc. www.justhadabrightidea.blogspot.com

  10. Perfect storage idea for kid's room!

  11. That's sweet. Do u have a materials/cutting info sheet, anything? Lol. Have a corner in my living room that could use that plus having a "full of life" little boy, a lot of cars, bowling pins, etc that need a good place to be stored. When they ain't in use. Which seems like never. Lol. Thank ya!!

  12. That's sweet. Do u have a materials/cutting info sheet, anything? Lol. Have a corner in my living room that could use that plus having a "full of life" little boy, a lot of cars, bowling pins, etc that need a good place to be stored. When they ain't in use. Which seems like never. Lol. Thank ya!!

  13. I've been ogling the same PB unit for as long as I can remember, but, just like you, find that price tag a little hard to swallow. Thanks so much for this great tutorial, I'm emailing it to my dad for his 'honey-do list'! I think this might be cooler than the original!

  14. What a cool project! I can see so many uses for such a versatile unit!

  15. saw this on pinterest! wow! it's fabulous! y'all did a great job!

  16. What a great idea! - as I'm now redesigning the bathroom towel/bathroom goodies cupboard.
    and I think we both know where the inspiration is coming from!


  17. Lucky you!! I've had that Pottery Barn tower pinned for a couple years now. I think about it often and wish I had one. My plan was to construct one, but had never checked into the price of the parts and pieces. Your info is good to know, and your dad did a great job.

  18. You have the best dad in the whole world

  19. Does anyone have the measurements for this? I would really love to use this for my project at school but I need the measurements before I can

  20. Talent is evetythig. Congratulations!
    - - -
    Talento é tudo. Parabéns!

  21. There is a tower on Craftbox I have been wanting for a long time. I also can not justify spending $700 for my craft room on a single item. This gave me great ideas to build my own! Thank you!!


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