Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How a Lamp Charm can transform a boring Lamp....

I recently found a great lamp at Home Goods for my sofa table with a burlap lamp shade.  It matches my living room perfectly but when I looked at the lamp from the kitchen it needed a little something.  This past week I was out running errands and came across a home decor store that was having a clearance sale.  This gold Fleur De Lis medallion caught my eye, I wasn't exactly sure what it was for, but I thought it would look so good on the shade....Here is the lamp after I added the "lamp charm" now let me show you how simple this was to do.

Here is the lamp before the charm...

Here is the beautiful medallion before...isn't it pretty!!

I started by adding the magnet to the back of the medallion with some E6000 glue...This might sound logical, but when you are using the magnets, make sure you glue the correct sides or the magnets will not work.  I always snap the magnets together before I get started.

After the magnet dried, I just simply attached it to the shade by placing the loose magnet in the shade...

Here is the before and after...you be the judge.

This is such an easy transformation for any lamp, big or small.  What I also like about using the magnets is that it is not a permanent placement.  I can switch it out if I wanted to.  

You could easily use broaches, flowers, flat Christmas ornaments, scrapbook embellishments or whatever your imagination thinks of.  Just think out of the box....

Hope you enjoyed...have a great day!

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  1. I love this lamp! What a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. How smart! That looks so good with that lamp! Thanks for the idea

  3. So in love with this lamp, it looks amazing!!! Nice find!


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