Monday, December 5, 2011

The "Hallmark" Tree...

This is one of my trees in the house and we call it the "Hallmark Tree", because it is full of Hallmark ornaments from over the years.  This tree holds many memories that started years ago...let me show you.

When my husband and I were dating, I was very sick and in the hospital.  It was around Christmas and he wanted to get me something that would cheer me up.  He purchased this ornament from Hallmark with these cute little animals on a seesaw.  When it is plugged into the Christmas lights, it moves and plays music.  This was back in 1992 and almost 20 years later, we have carried the tradition of collecting Hallmark ornaments. 

This was the ornament the following year......Santa's toy workshop.  The conveyor belt actually moves and it also plays music.  

Our son loves all of these ornaments and so do all of the kids that come through our house. People collect different things and have different hobbies, ours just happens to be Hallmark ornaments.  Let me let you take a closer look....

The topper on the tree is alot of different elements tied to the top.  My mother in law taught me years ago how to make perfect bows (I will have to show you in another post) and she helped me make this one.  It is three different ribbons tied together.  After I tied the bow with floral wire to the tree at an angle, I then just started adding different elements.  There is no rhyme or reason to the right way of doing it, I just add one thing at a time until I achieve the look I want.

These two lollipops I made with ornaments and took the stem off and painted a wooden stick white and hot glued them together to give me some more height on the top..super easy and super cheap!

I hope you've enjoyed one of my trees...I plan to share the big one tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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  1. I have been collecting Hallmark ornaments since college (that was a long time ago). Now, with two little ones it really is fun to go through the boxes and hang them up.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  2. I love your tree, I have been doing the same with my kids, except they are ornaments from everywhere (especially Target), I hope to one day have a very full tree. Looking forward to learning how you make your beautiful bows.

  3. My family has collected Hallmark ornaments based on meaningful occasions in our life. It is so fun to get them out and have the memory all over again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We have tons of Hallmark ornaments. My Dad is a retired Hallmark artist. We collect one of the series for each of our four kiddos plus many other favorites.

    We have the old lionel train station--the kids LOVE to play with it.

    You've been featured. Come grab your featured button.


  5. I love this tree! SO bright and fun. We buy Hallmark ornaments every year as well I am thinking that next year we may have enough for a Hallmark small 3ft tree.

  6. Awesome tree!! I love Hallmark ornaments too :) The topper looks fantastic and something I need to try one year!

  7. What a beautiful tree. I love the topper. It is fun to just put different elements together and come up with something your truly enjoy.


  8. Sooo pretty! I love the christmas topper you used, so crafty and adorable.

    Happy Holidays,
    Anne walker
    Christmas tree decorating ideas

  9. wow its very impressive post i really like it and much appreciate your effort
    Christmas Eve


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