Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

Have you started this tradition?  My son loves it and since we returned from Disneyworld a couple of days ago, our "Elfie" was waiting on us...Here is what we found Saturday night when we got home...tonight I plan on making Elfie a cowboy on Rudolph...

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I just took pictures of all of my trees, so be on the lookout for them tomorrow...

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  1. I have a question! We are also doing Elf on the Shelf. Skippy so far has been a good elf because of this....How do you keep the kids from touching him if he is on the floor or the table?? I know that my 3 year old could not resist to test if he will loose his magic! But i want to do some of the cuter things! Thanks!


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