Friday, December 9, 2011

Adventures of our Elf on the Shelf - Elfy!!

When we returned from Disneyworld this past Sunday, our little Elf on the Shelf, ELFY was waiting on us.  I noticed that Elfy had forgotten how to spell his name while he was away all year at the North Pole (wink, wink), but we have since taught him how to spell his name correctly!

Sunday - December 4, 2011
Elfy welcoming us home.....

Monday - December 5, 2011
Elfy needed a nap......

Tuesday - December 6, 2011
Elfy and his roundup gang....

Wednesday - December 7, 2011
Elfy fixed breakfast.....

Thursday - December 8, 2011
Elfy got in a quick game of Twister with Mario and his friends.....

Friday - December 9, 2011
Elfy got into a mess of Qtips....

This is way too much fun, hope you enjoyed Elfy's adventures...He will see you next Friday for another review!!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So cute. I love seeing all the fun we can have with our elves. P.S. if you follow COM on FB I announced I am going to do a EOTS "only" link party in one week. winks, jen

  2. I agree this is totally fun! Great ideas!


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