Friday, October 21, 2011

My Cat

I hardly ever post anything personal on my blog but I just wanted to share a cute video with you guys of my dear cat that I had for 17 years before he became very ill and had to go to "Cat Heaven".  Our cat was found as a kitten at a garbage dump and he quickly became part of our family and we just loved him sooo much.  He survived getting stuck in a mattress for hours, eating 2 feet of dental floss (won't even tell you how that ended) and moving four times.  

Please click on my "Facebook" icon over on the right to see our cat in action....seriously in action...ON THE TOILET....yes, our cat used the potty!!!

I'm working on an amazing and cute project that consists of burlap and keys and pictures...I hopefully will finish this weekend!

Have a great day and weekend!  Now, go watch the video!!!

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