Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Container Store during the Christmas Season

I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE The Container Store.  I go into this store at least once a week for something, but my favorite time at The Container Store is during Christmas.  If you have never been into this store because you think it's all about closets, trash cans and kitchen stuff, I HIGHLY recommend you go there during Christmas.  Here is what you will find when you walk into the store....a Gift Wrap Wonderland!

picture taken with iPhone...not the best quality but you get the idea...AAAHHHMAAZZZING 
my niece is a Chi Omega and their mascot is the freaken cute is all of this owl wrapping paper!
All of the wrapping paper is sectioned off into themes and colors and they have all of the coordinated ribbons, tags and bows to go with everything.

In the middle of the Gift Wrap Wonderland are islands of little gifts.  This is where I get really excited because this is where I get alot of my gifts for friends and where I find alot of stocking stuffers.  Here is the catalog you can grab and take home in case you can't make your mind up on the spot.

Here are a few of my favorite things from this years selection.

Look a the iPhone Cases available.  They are made of silicone and are so pretty!  There are four designs to choose from!

How cute are these sticky ties!  They are reusable and wipe clean with a cloth.  Great gift for a boy or girl!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this iPad stand.  I am always using my iPad in the kitchen to follow recipes and this little stand will make it so much easier.  It also works for the Nook and Kindle.  Great stocking stuffer!

 These power strips are so much fun.  These are great for the kids in college or Mommy's office or craft room (that one was for me).

 My son will LOVE these glasses.  How fun do they look!  Great stocking stuffer.

This catalog has so many more gifts ideas in it, but these were just a few that really stuck with me.  Hope you can make it by The Container Store won't be sorry!

On a side note...I saw apple container...Will this make a cute teacher gift or what?  Personalize it for your child's teacher with vinyl and fill it with whatever you want!  This will be my Christmas gift this year for Miss Stephanie!

disclosure:  this posting is my viewpoint only and The Container Store has no idea I'm posting this.  I love sharing great things with you and wanted to show you what an amazing place this is at Christmas!

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  1. Missy, they know now! They've shared your post on Facebook!


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