Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Buy Party hosted by Tip Junkie

This past weekend I had the privilege of being invited to a Best Buy event hosted by Laurie Turk, aka Tip Junkie.  I was so excited about attending my first "blogger" event and immediately said yes!  

Me and Laurie

She had all of us describe in "One" word what best describes us.  I had no idea what to put, so I put the obvious!  We also were asked to use to take all of our pictures.  I had never used it before, but now I'm addicted!

 (The kids were even invited to attend and Laurie had some great activities for them)

The event was themed "All in One".  Gateway has released their new computer that really streamlines all of your work with one computer.  It was a really slick computer and very user friendly.  A representative from Best Buy was there to help with any questions and he also gave a small presentation on the computer.  Before the event was over a lucky couple won a $50 gift card and another blogger (sorry, I can't remember) WON one of the computers.  How awesome was that...

This event was so much fun because I was able to meet blogger's from around the DFW are a few that I met.


Jamie from Roubinek Reality.  She wrote a post about her experience here.  She was so super friendly and I enjoyed talking with her about the "Aggies" and "Tigers"...wink wink

Kristen from MommyKudos.  I discovered through talking with Kristen that we attend the same church...what a small world.  Loved meeting you Kristen, and I hope we get to see each other again!  I just checked out her blog too and she also wrote about the it is!

Thank you Christy from Devotion Mama for letting me know that I had 29 updates to my apps on my iPhone...took care of that as soon as I got home.  Thanks Christy!

Connie from Smockity Frocks was one of the first bloggers I spoke with as soon as I got there.  She was so sweet and has the neatest blog.  Please go check her out!  

There were so many others there and I wish I had time to talk with all of them.  

Thank you Laurie for inviting me and to Best Buy for having such a great product.


  1. I also live in the DFW area and saw that invite but I was so disappointed since I already had plans. I hope there is another event soon, I want to meet some DFW bloggers :)
    Me and another blogger put together a website for ladies in the DFW area to connect and we want to plan some monthly meetups. Come check that out to see you would be interested in joining us!


  2. Missy! I absolutely LOVED meeting you! I wish we lived closer, I really enjoyed chatting with you. I've already been inspired by all of the projects on your blog. I'm a huge fan of Shanty2Chic too! :)

  3. Sounds like this was so much fun. I wish I could go to something like that.

  4. Thats awesome that ya'll were able to get together! I wish I had some blogger friends around here. Great pictures too :)


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