Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating from Inspiration

I started this blog a couple of months ago because I loved looking at what other bloggers created.  I was an official blog stalker!  I began taking ideas from my favorite bloggers, like Shanty2Chic and others, and making creations of my own.  Below are a just a few of these many creations.

Family photos make great fillers of blank space on mantles or art niches.  Shanty2Chic gave me the idea of using wooden blocks in place of picture frames to add some variability to the decor.  I painted and glazed the blocks with Sherman Williams "Nifty Turquoise".  I loved the way they turned out.  This is a great example of taking an idea and making it your own.  Here was my inspiration from the sisters.

I hosted a girls weekend a few months ago with several of my friends from Houston and Arkansas.  We spent the weekend at the market in Canton, Texas and had loads of fun.  I will make sure to share some of our more interesting finds in the near future.  I would strongly recommend a visit if you have never been.  Oh yea, and make sure to rent a trailer to transport all of your finds, he he. friends and I like to create or give crafts as gifts to add a personal touch.  Below is a craft I made based on an idea from Shanty sisters (again).  I gave one to each of the girls that weekend and they absolutely loved them.  I have also made these for my son's teachers.  Here was my inspiration.

It is so rewarding to create something from your heart, even though it might not be your initial idea.  That is the reason I blog and it's the reason I create.  I love sharing and giving ideas.  If it weren't for blogging, I wouldn't have an outlet to share my creations.  Thanks to the Shanty sisters for always inspiring me!  I hope in some way I inspire you.


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  1. Hi there! I'm Sarah and I just read your blog thanks to Shanty2chic's link posted on facebook. Just want to say I adore your blog and speaking of inspiration, you've inspired me to get more creative with my blog, (I've been a little intimidated), and share my passion for family and crafty fun as well as you do!


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