Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jewelry Cabinet

I thought it would be a great idea to have a central location for all of my jewelry.  When I was in one of my local thrift stores I came across a beauty!  Well, it wasn't a beauty when I found it, but I knew it had potential.  It was an old sewing machine for $20.00.  I thought it had a beautiful frame to it and all it needed was a little TLC.

My Mom and Dad came into town a couple of weeks after I bought it and I knew that my Dad would love working on it.  He started by gutting it (taking out all of the components) and nailing down the top so it wouldn't open anymore.

Then we decided to add a shelf that could store all of my different size jewelry boxes from over the years.

After it was stripped down to the bare bones, I decided to paint it pink.  Yes, pink.  I live in a house with all boys and I wanted something PINK.  I put it in my closet and I think it looks great.  I will post the two cuties on top too....would you believe me if I said the two stands totaled $3.00!

The shelf is perfect for storing stuff.

The drawers hold all of my polishing rags.

I love how we kept the spool holder!  Perfect for my rings I don't wear on a daily basis!
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  1. You are so talented and creative! This jewelry armoire is fabulous! I need something like this. You have given me inspiration!

  2. I wish I had room in my closet for something like this. It's as cute as can be! I think the pink is perfect! :) Great job!

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